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Twitter has become one of the most popular Social Media tools on the Internet. And if your “Tweets” get the right kind of attention, it can add a ton of Juice to your Google Search Results!

There are 2 main reasons why you want Lots of Twitter Retweets:

1. To help you get more Followers

2. Because Retweets get you attention regardless of how many followers you have.


Get More Followers

If you are new to Twitter, you send out short messages called Tweets. Everyone that is a Follower, or a reader of your Tweets, receives all your messages. When you first start out, it can be really difficult to get new Followers. You are the new kid on the block, and no one knows about you to follow you. But if someone reads your Tweet and Retweets it, that means it goes to all their Followers. Even if you have one person with 500 Followers Retweet your message, that means an extra 500 people just got exposed to it. If those new people like your message, they can do 2 things. They can Follow you so that they get more of your great messages. AND they can Retweet you again. This can explode and go viral very quickly.

 Let’s say you have a Tweet that gets read by 10 people, and they Retweet it. If each of them has 25 followers, then your Tweet gets read by an additional 250 people. If half of them (125) like it and Retweet it to their 25 Followers, now 3,375 people have read your Tweet. The problem is, a new guy like you won’t have very many people reading your Tweet, so it wont get Retweeted.

That’s why it makes sense to buy Retweets from us!

Get More Attention

In addition to getting more Followers fast, just being Retweeted can be its own reward. A number of Social Media Aggregator sites, like Reddit, will republish a Tweet on their own network if it has a high number of Retweets. For a news aggregator like Reddit, every Retweet represents someone going out of their way to go give your Tweet their stamp of approval. It also appears that Google’s Search Algorithms favor Tweets with lots of Retweets for the same reason. Each Retweet, is someone voting for your Tweet!

Is it safe to buy Retweets?


Perfectly safe, because unlike many of our competitors, we follow Twitter’s Terms and Conditions to the letter. We have a network of Twitter users, with thousands of combined Followers. And we never use ‘bots or any other disallowed automation.

You get real Retweets, which almost always Get You More Followers! So, if you’re ready to Supercharge your Social Media Marketing, you need to be on Twitter, and you need to be getting a lot of Retweets.

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